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Danish Rasool 0300-4151786

Founder:The Legal Experts

Banking Lawyer



Danish has over six years experience as a Lawyer in legal profession. He was member of teaching faculty in BZU University for two years.Mr Danish has also Earned LLM Commercial Law and Legal Practice Course degrees respectivelyfrom BPP Law School UK. After his LLM, He worked at Duncan & Lewis ,London based Law firm that specialized in Personal Injury , Banking and Corporate Law. Currently he is working in Commercial and Banking Law Sector.

Awais Butt

Commercial Lawyer




Awais Butt is an Advocate of the high court. He holds an LLB degree from University of the Punjab and an LLM in Commercial Law from BPP Law School UK. Mr Butt has experience working with notable names in legal profession and currently working as a managing director in The Legal Experts TLE.

Rafaqat Chishti

Criminal Lawyer



0333- 6636742

Rafaqat Hussain chishti is a practising Advocate of the High Court who brings his dynamic and diverse legal experience to the The Legal Experts TLE. Along with litigation, Rafaqat has extensive Legal research skills on Politico legal matters.