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Corruption-free Pakistan

It would be an honor if you allow me a little space in your esteemed newspaper. Corruption is corruption whether your leaders do it on large-scale or you do it on a smaller scale. Violating traffic rules is also considered as corruption and cheating with your country and your inner self.
We complain that we do not get honest leaders rather we have corrupt leaders but we never look at ourselves, the corruption we do on a daily basis and on a smaller margin but never consider them wrong, like violating traffic rules and exceeding speed limit in restricted areas and not listening to authorities and leave our own safety behind by not wearing helmets, which results in deadly and devastating accidents and collision which eventually not only cost properties but also many lives.
If we want our country to be corruption free and want our country to be run by truthful and honest leaders so first we should correct ourselves as Allah says: “Verily Allah does not change men’s condition unless they change their inner selves.” in [Surah Ar-Rad (13:11)]